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So bens parents are coming tomoro to lay the new floor in the dining room. It was horrible cheap yellow laminate and we r doing it the same as the living room so it flows like one room.



It’s quite a big room so Ben has had me smashing the skirting board off and taking up the old laminate. I didn’t mind at the time but fucking hell my back hurts now. (I’m gonna get told off by mum and granny for doing too much, granny says I should just get a puzzle and do that all day) we also got the baby gate u can see in the pic above so that when bub is here we can keep the dogs out but let them see what’s going on so hopefully they don’t feel like they r being pushed aside. It’s an extra large gate from argos and it’s reallg smart, I thought it might look horrible but I quite like it. We r removing the double doors and will put up super heavy curtains for when winter is here to keep this room warm.

Also today I went with my friend Gemma to watch her get a tattoo, she for a baby cham deer on her arm. I was so jealous when she was being tattooed, I have so many planned but not enough money and also not allowed when preggo. Also found out apparently not allowed to when breast feeding. So looks like it could be the whole of 2014 with no new tattoos,i know mum will be pleased with that.

Tonight we r going to see my friends Caroline and Tom for fish and chips and drinks, got my non alcoholic beer in the fridge 🙂 Caroline is also pregnant, we r 3 weeks and 5 days apart so if she has hers early and I have mine late we could potentially be baby buddies. That’s probably not gonna happen so we will just be bump buddies.

We just had a listen of the babies heartbeat with the doppler I borrowed from my friend and old boss Kate. Ben had a go at finding it but couldn’t so I did. First time heard the baby on the right side of my belly, every other time including when midwife did it it was really low to the left so it’s nice to know it’s moving about. This week it is the same size as a bell pepper, haven’t got much of a bump yet.


Still just looks like I need a big poo 🙂

Also this week I have coldsores from being a stress monster. I got one and thought I would “air”  heal it, this was a mistake coz it spread to my upper lip too. Got my trusted compeed patches on so hopefully they will go soon

Right gotta go get some chippys, smell u later


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