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Last day of work….

So yesterday was my last official shift working at the roaster, my maternity leave doesn’t start til 7th July but they don’t need me for any shifts next week. I feel really excited coz it means baby girl is coming soon (ish) 79 days according to my countdown but also really sad. I will be doing a couple of KIT days (keeping in touch)  while k and D r on holiday in a few weeks but it’s not the same. It’s been so nice being back working in the cafe, I’ve been so lucky to have such awesome people looking out for me. And I’ve made some new friends with the newbies in the shop. I know I can always go and see them but I just feel sad. Probably all the stupid Hormones.

Also this week I had to go to hospital for some horrible cramps and a little bleed. They strapped me up to a trace machine for half an hour or so and monitored baby girl. She is fine, no idea what caused it, but because of the blood I had to have another Anti D injection coz I am rhesus negative, which means my blood type is O-negative. Basically I can give blood to any other blood type but can only accept the same blood, chances r baby girl isn’t the same blood type coz it’s rare so whenever I have a bleed I have to have this injection to make sure our bloods don’t mix coz it can make me poorly (this is probably wrong lol, there is a lot of info and I get confused) I had to go to midwife unit to have the jab. It was nice to have a  little look about, it’s where I’m hoping to have little one. We had to wait quite a while for it and Ben said his back hurt so he got comfy in a recliner chair


The injection itself is so painful, I had one at 12 weeks but it didn’t hurt. Not sure if the midwife was in a rush or what but this was horrible. Ben watched and said he thought the needle was going to come out the other side of my arm coz of how far it went in. Also apparently the actual solution is really thick and gloopy, as soon as she put the needle in my arm went dead and stayed that way until the next day. I bloody hate injections. Have to have another one once she is here. And next week I’m having my whooping cough jab. Glutton for punishment but if it protects baby girl then that’s all that matters.

Right that felt like a really long post and my fingers have gone tingly so….. Smell u later xxx


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