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hi there i’m new…

well today is my first day blogging so i’m not really sure what i should be doing, suppose it no different from the millions of diaries i used to keep when i was younger so here goes.

basically i am starting a blog because i have just joined my local slimming world group and i mean business this time. i saw a photo of myself from a day out on Monday this week and was horrified with how much weight i have gained over the last year. so i have given myself a kick up the arse and joined the group.

tuesday was my first meeting and i was really nervous about going on my own, however i walked in, signed up, got my pack, got weighed (omg more than my scales at homes say) and went a sat right at the back hoping no one would notice me. How wrong i was, the team leader/consultant is a lovely smiley lady called Mandy and she stood at the front of the hall with this little personal handheld computer thingy and started calling out peoples names. slowly it dawned on me that she was going to call my name out and i would be expected to talk in front of all these people (there were about 25 of us in total). every time she called someones name she would say how much they have lost to date and how much that week and then discuss with them what they did right or in some cases wrong and then everyone would clap.

finally she called my name and asked a little about why i think i have put on weight, so i told her, i work in a cafe and make cakes all day. and obviously  for customer safety i need to try all the cakes prior to letting the public sample them 🙂 my heart felt like it was beating in my ears and im pretty sure my face was like a tomato but i got through it and everyone clapped. after my pulse and complexion returned to normal i realised that i done it, i finally admitted that i am really unhappy with my weight and i felt happy for the first time in ages.

that was 2 days ago and i have done exactly what i was told to do and written down everything i have eaten completely honestly and i can genuinely say i have not felt hungry at all, it doesnt feel like a diet, i think blogging everyday(ish) with my food diaries and strange ramblings with help me stay on track with the weight loss, whether anyone else reads it or comments i guess is up to you guys, night for now xx



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