Sleepy dogs….


Today me and Ben have been off work and have been doing lots of house work and decorating and it seems the dogs are just as tired as we are. In the pix is tilly on the left with her paws as a pillow snuggled next to mr bob. We nearly finished the dining room today, got some pretty new curtains and a blind.


Also got a new house plant as shown in pic, she has lovely pink leaves and I have called her Karen. We painted all the outside walls too today and they look so nice but it’s too dark to show now so I’ll post tomoro. After our awesome weekend at the Emirates and my first ever arsenal peppercorn pie its all I can think about so tomoro I will be attempting to recreate it, I have some left over beef and ale stew defrosting in the fridge and will add peppercorns and make my own pastry. I am a little worried because I have hot sweaty little hands and my nan says u need cold hands to make a good pastry, but I will have to just keep everything crossed and wait til the morning. Ben is off out tonight to footy club so I have the tv all to myself, currently watching the arsenal vs montpellier champions league game but thinking i might watch breaking dawn part 1,just to refresh my memory because it is only about 7 weeks til the next one comes our…. Oh yes I am a twi-hard fan :-)….. Incase u were wondering I love jasper And on that note ill say goodnight x


  • kate

    Edward all the way! Love the dining room. I hope you will put that dining table to good use and eat your tea at it every night!

  • fatgirlslims94

    Noo!! Has to be Emmett 🙂 Emmett from the books anyway, always makes me laugh 😛 Twi-hard here too… Books over films any day but still like the films and will definitely be going to the midnight showing of part two 🙂 Curtains looks really lovely, and I have to say I love all the pics of the dogs! Good luck with the pastry – try running your hands under cool water for a few mins before rolling the pastry out/moulding it as that may help 🙂 x

    • mustnoteatcake

      Totally agree about books over films, I literally didn’t out breaking dawn down, I was reading it while cleaning, eating, in the bath and when cooking. So good. Cannot wait til next one. Glad u like dog pics, pretty sure I was just crazing everyone with my obsession with my hounds. I’ll try the cold water thing for sure, I’m guessing it will be a couple of attempts x

      • fatgirlslims94

        Yeah that’s the only thing I can suggest, as well as making sure you rest the pastry for long enough in the fridge so it can cool down after you’ve made it 🙂 And you can never have enough dog pics! x


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