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14/100 – a months meal planning for slimming world

So I have come back to Slimming World.

I have always thought it was much more sustainable as a way of life than weight watchers, i’m not sure if this is because I know slimming world back to front and I’m more comfortable with or what. Either way, i’m back. It’s 71 days until my holiday so its now or never, i need to do this for me. I have made a brand new instagram where i am posting pictures of every morsel of food that is going down my gullet. You can follow me here if you want to https://www.instagram.com/must_not_eat_cake/

Me and Bender sat down and decided we needed to better budget for food, and stop wasting so much. We think the way to go about this is to meal plan for an entire month, so thats what we have done.

Every evening meal is planned, this week is fully done too, every other meal is a possibility but you get the general idea.

Anything that is a healthy a choice or a healthy b choice will be marked by either an A or a B.


If you cannot click the link then here are pictures of the meal plan.

Have you had success planning in advance? let me know any blogs that are good for slimming world as i love to read as much as possible.


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