Slimming world journey

2nd January 2018


day 2… is started off really good. I had my lemon and got water and then a cup of tea. I had an apple and some grapes.

lunchtime I was good. I had eggy bread. 2 slices of wholemeal from a 400g loaf for my healthy b choice dipped in 2 eggs and cooked in fry light.

I started prepping my soup for the week, Thai sweet potato. I baked the spuds in the oven and then left them to cool. I didn’t realise how easy the skins would come off. game. changer. no more peeling and chopping and boiling for me.


dinner was fernandos (fake nandos)

chicken marinated in peri peri sauce 4 syns. Rice – free. hallumi healthy extra A choice. and a pitta for 7 syns.

sounds good.

I’m currently sat eating m and s pitta chips and I’ve had 4 sea salt caramel Chocolates.


oh well……tomorrow will be better.



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