Slimming world journey

First weigh in was…..


Lost 2 and a half pounds. Super pleased.

Everyone at group was awesome, before when I went no one spoke to me and seemed really unfriendly, think the fact I Have miicah with me makes people want to talk. Everyone loves a baby. Set a goal of another 2 lbs next week, think that’s doable. Today wasn’t my best slimming world day, miicah was mega grumpy after we left group, only finishing half her feed then generally being an angry little panda, crying and grumbling and wanting to be held. I have an app called wonder weeks which shows developmental leaps all babies go thru in the first year, giving u an idea of when they are likely to be irritable due to learning new things, miicah is in the middle of her first leap which involves her being able to focus on more things and react to sounds etc. Such a big change upsets them while they get used to it. So she was grumpy and I didn’t get to eat until 4pm. I made myself a smash pizza which is mega naughty Coz it’s a cheat using smash as a pizza Base. Then lidl made me eat Christmas chocolate. Stupid lidl. Oh well tomoro is another day and I will be back on plan 100%. I stocked up on hifi light bars and bought myself a new food directory. Tomoros menu is as follows

B –  muller light, Apple, grapes and a kiwi (if ripe)
L –  cous cous, peas, runners, chicken, feta (hexa)
D – ham, egg and chips with salad and fruit for pudding.
Snacks –  2 x hifi light (hexb) muller light, maybe some haribo and mikado.

Gonna use some syns for a glaze on the ham I think but not sure what yet.

Right miicah has finally fell asleep for the first time since this morning so I’m off to Bedfordshire

Smell u later xx


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