Slimming world journey

I did a run…

it’s Monday.

brekkie – cup of hot water and lemon.

2 apples – speed

muller light

lunch – pasta n sauce Mac n cheese 3.5 syns

baby corn – speed

dinner- shepherds pie – 1 syn. half healthy b. peas and green beans -speed

muller light. chocolate chips (3 syns). baby bell. (other half of healthy b)

so I’ve had a brilliant day on plan

no slip up or sneaky cakes falling into my crumb hatch.

this evening I decided I would start the couch to 5k. it’s 4 degrees. it’s windy as fuck.

I got my running stuff out, shoe horned myself into the leggings and put on the ugliest running shoes in the history of the world. downloaded the app, sorted a play list and ran a bath ready for when I got home (the girls would be asleep so didn’t want to wake them)

I stepped out into the street and the wind hit me in the face like a wet fish. I pressed go on my phone and jo wiley started talking me through the pod cast. it starts with a 5 min walk followed by a 60 second run then 90 second walk

repeat 7 times. I managed all but the last one. I had my dinner a bit late and by this point feared I might vomit out my shepherds pie.

but I did it. I fucking did it!!’

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!


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