Slimming world journey

new year. new me….

So today was the 1st of January 2018 and it also happened to be a Monday so I decided what better day could there be to stop fucking about and sort my weight out.

I joined slimming world last October and wasn’t in the best mindset for weight loss. there was always an excuse, a party, a period or just because I am a greedy bitch.

I’m going to try and blog everyday about what I have eaten and how my day has been.

so today….

I started it off by drinking a cup of hot water and lemon and it was lush. I forgot how much I like it. Then had a cup of tea. most days I have 2 coffees before I do anything, however yesterday I did this as normal and I felt really jittery and sick and actually vomited so I thought I’d had a bit of a coffee detox.

I’m actually planning on avoiding coffee and alcohol for January. anyway, I didn’t fancy a proper breakfast so just had a muller light and an apple.

we nipped to sainsburys this morning and got loads of salad stuff so lunch was one of my epic salads.

iceberg, red cabbage, peppers and cucumber. then little diced potatoes and light hallumi. topped with 2 syns of low fat caesar dressing. it was fucking amazing!!!! the hallumi counted as my healthy extra a choice.

dinner was roast potatoes and homemade meatballs. the meatballs were made of 5% fat lean pork with salt and pepper and sage. I used asda peppercorn sauce instead of gravy for the meatballs as it is only 4 syns per serving.

snacks have been a small bag of popcorn for 2 syns and 2 chocolates from a box for 5 syns.

I’m now watching Bates Motel drinking fizzy water with lemon and Gonna eat my healthy b choice of 2 alpen lights.

ending my first day on 13 syns and feeling great.

I hope you will follow me and my weigh loss journey. if I’m feeling brave I will post actual weights and losses soon.

thanks for reading 💜

happy new year x


  • Holly

    I’m starting slimming world again tomorow 🙂
    I’ve been binge watching all of your videos for about 2 weeks and your my new favourite YouTuber 🙂 if you could post any nice recipes or just low syn snacks that would be great as I don’t go to weigh in so don’t really speak to anyone else who’s doing slimming world, I weigh at home like you do, I own a chippy too and it’s HARD not too snack on chips all day lol! Hope you have a lovely new year with your little girls and Ben 🙂 x

    • Lucy_PurtFace

      Hey Holly 😊thank you so much for watching my videos 💜💜 I’m still planning on doing my weekly sw video but will definitely also post recipes etc on here as I do them. I always seem to forget to record myself making food lol.

      oh wow owning a chippy must be mega hard. I’m sure we can support each other along the way. do you have a supportive family? Ben and my mum mean well but do buy loads of chocolate and stuff so it’s always tempting me xx

      • Holly

        That’s ok I watch them every day 🙂 I loved your vlogmas!!
        Me and my boyfriend got the chippy just over a year ago now and ive put on like 3 stone!! When we work 6 days a week and don’t have real breaks it’s hard to actually cook something instead of just having a chip batch or whatever!! So hard! But I’m determined to stick to slimming world now and I’m so glad your doing it too! I’m going to have my weekly weigh in on the days you upload yours! Haha 🙂 I’ve also subscribed to glossy box because of you and birchbox after seeing you and your mum open hers! She is adorable 😂❤️ Can’t wait for my January boxes to come!! Wish I had to balls to upload videos like you! I’d love to do it! Take care xx

        • Lucy_PurtFace

          ah Holly you should just do it. if you wanna film just for for it. it’s the best thing I’ve ever done apart from having the girls.

          I’m gonna weigh on Sundays now I’m going to boots and using the weigh machine for 50p 😍😍

          we can do this xx

  • Holly

    Omg I never thought of doing that! Writing myself at boots! Such a good idea as I don’t believe my scales at all! If they move the tiniest bit on the floor they say something different!
    I honestly wish I had the balls to film! I know you say that your friends don’t really know but I would be so scared of anyone of my friends or family seeing the videos and taking the piss out of me! I’m even to scared of my boyfriend seeing! Such a wimp! I might just try it! Might try an unboxing video or something like you did when you first started 🙂 I just ordered the Sophie x Pallette from Tam beauty as I saw your review of it and omg a tenner! They’ve for a massive sale on tam beauty at the mo! I ordered a massive make up box thing with about 5 Pallette in and 2 make up brush sets, was supposed to be £100, I got it for £30 and then found an extra discount code so manages to get the Sophie x Pallette along with the massssive beauty box thing for £36 including delivery!! You should have a look and see if you can get yourself anything whilst the sale is on 🙂 xx

    • Lucy_PurtFace

      hahaha great minds I literally just filmed myself unboxing my tam beauty haul I got on boxing day 😍😂

      the soph palette features in my favourites of 2017 video that I’m filming tomorrow. was gonna do it today but was so numb from the dentist I couldn’t talk til a couple of hours ago lol.

      if you do film make sure you let me know so I can watch xxx

      • Holly

        Haha yeah I saw on your Instagram about the dentist 😂 I will let you know if I do it anyway, thanks for the support! This time next year your channels going massive!! Your honestly a natural and so funny, not like some of these people you watch and can tell they’re not being themselves. Your make up skills are getting so much better each time you upload a look too! You are my new YouTube inspiration! Xx


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