Slimming world journey


today was not a good food day.

it has a option to be but it chose to be a twat day of food instead.

brekkie was a cup of tea. a muller light and an apple.

lunch was meant to be homemade soup but I managed to spill it over the floor so lunch was a roll and some cheese. still doesn’t sound too bad but then I went food shopping.

I had a peanut butter kit kat. a chunky one.

then I had a jaffa cake. fuck why do I have no will power. I need to hypnotised or something. I cannot help myself when it Comes to chocolate, I never used to be bothered by sweet things but then I had the girls and my palette changed. before babies I was all about crisps and savouries but now I just can’t stop eating fucking chocolate.

dinner was chilli rice and nachos

I made the chilli in the slow cooker as follows (this will be in my slimming world video on Monday fyi)

1 onion diced.

fry in frylight for ten min til soft. add pack of lean 5% fat mince. Brown. takes about 15 mins on low heat. add 2 beef oxo cubes and 2 tbls of ground cumin. 1 tbls of Worcestershire sauce, 2 bay leaves, a pinch of garlic granules, a packet chilli mix (6 syns) a carton of passata and a can of kidney beans.

pour the lot into the slow cooker and put on low heat for 6-8 hours.

once it’s cooked I take out the girls portion and then add a tablespoon of sriacha (definitely spelt wrong) hot sauce into the mix but you could add more chilli powder or fresh chilli if you like it hot.

I served ours with rice and nachos and cheese. the amount I made will do all of use for 2 days of dinners. it freezes well too.

so yeah

it wasn’t the best day

and now I have heartburn.

see you tomorrow x


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