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slimming world week 5

so it’s week 5 of slimming world (i purchased a 12 week countdown ) i have been ill with a cold for 3 of these weeks and accidentally ate over 50 syns a week in cough sweets and lemsip and other medicines. i had no idea that they would contain syns it didn’t even cross my tiny mind, i only found out when one of my lovely subscribers mentioned it.

well balls. now i know so i’m moving on and back on plan this week. i planned a weeks shop and meal plan and filmed it which will be up in my video on wednesday afternoon. so far this week i have stuck to plan apart from saturday evening when i went to a wedding reception.

i prepared beforehand by having jacket potato and beans and cheese for lunch thinking it would set me up for a good evening of healthy choices. well for starters my jacket potato skins tastes like old socks so i didn’t eat them, mr bob did and he loved them. which was good for the dog but not for me, so i had an apple and a banana at 4pm. the reception started at 7 and it said there was a buffet. i hadn’t used any syns or my healthy b choice so thought i would be fine.

on the drive to venue (an hour away ) my stomach was growling so i was hoping it would be an early buffet, i was wrong. we arrived at 7 and saw the beautiful bride and her surprise baby bump which was wonderful news 💜💜💜💜 however the food on the side was very wrapped up and off limits.

balls again.

i looked on and realised there was very little other than crisps that i would eat. lots of burgers and spicy sausage rolls and prawn wontons and tuna sandwiches and finally, ben’s favourite sausages on sticks wrapped in bacon with a chunk of brie.

by this point i was feeling a bit sick as i was hungry so i had a beer (when i say beer i mean lager ) i know i know it was a stupid thing to do but it made me feel temporarily less hungry.

just past 8pm the buffet opened and ben proceeded to fill two plates with slider burgers and piles of sausage products and then a plate of crisps for the girls who had already eaten dinner.

now i’m not sure if i had said before but i am very much a meat eater. however i do not eat sausages since an unfortunate incident with a weight watchers sausage and a disgusting tube/artery/unknown body part. it has put me off for life.

i also don’t eat meat unless i know what kind it is/where it comes from, like i cannot deal with burgers that have gristle and fat chunks, or pies with unknown cuts of fatty meat. it’s weird i know but i just like to know the quality of the meat and my brain won’t have it any other way.

so i ate the crisps. and had another beer. Fml.

so we came home around 9ish as the girls were shattered and i had 2 slices of nimble toast to make me feel less shit about eating crisps and beer.

other than this incident i have been on plan. it’s currently monday morning and i just had a bowl of porridge and it was amazing. i don’t know why i don’t eat it more , i think i’ll start to have it every morning. i generally don’t eat bread so it’s a nice way to use my healthy b choice and start my day right. i had an apple along side it for some super free.

i used 40g of oats for b choice, 100ml of semi skimmed milk (2.5 syns) and a pinch of salt and pinch of sweetener. cooked on the hob for a couple of mins and it was so delicious. i topped it with a banana which with the slightly salted oats was so good.

SO GOOD!!!!!

so as it appears that i am just rambling and repeating myself i will end the blog here and come back after weigh in on wednesday morning.

wish me luck xox


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