Slimming world journey

the night before

tomorrow is weigh day. I have been so good this week that if I don’t have a loss tomorrow I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

we have friends round today for lunch so I didn’t have breakfast apart from a coffee. lunch was a mezze of goodies so I tried to be on plan.

salad. 4 ryvita (b) reduced fat hummus (4) small stick of garlic flat bread (5)

for dinner I made a recipe from the comfort food book and good God it was amazing. hoppin John. which is rice cooked in stock with onion and bay leaf and garlic and cajun seasoning and then black beans and shredded ham hock and then veggies. I added half my healthy a cheese and fuck a duck it was amazing. I even remembered to take a picture.

seriously it was amazing. I know it’s gonna be added to our rotation of yummy dinners. I’m currently sat having a beer (8) and a rice crispy cake the girls made (5). I know I’m over in syns today but I’m hoping it won’t hurt tomorrows result as I have been completely on plan all week except for tonight. so…….


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