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17/500 – smol washing

About a month ago I came across an advert for Smol washing tablets. It’s seemed to good to be true.

Affordable, non bio and delivered to your door?!

The spiel from Smol is big is dead, long live smol. Everything is made in recyclable packaging, the capsules themselves are tiny and the whole box is posted through your letter box.

I got a trial pack of 9 capsules for £1 and started washing. You can get a trial pack here https://smolproducts.com/pages/subscribe

I was nervous to start with as both girls have eczema and react to everything. Up until now we have only be able to use tesco baby loves non bio capsules. I don’t often shop at Tesco as I have an asda delivery pass so would run out a lot and then have to make a special trip to the big Tesco 20 minutes away to get the tablets.

The first wash was done and dried and the kids and wore the clothes.

I waited for a reaction but it never came. We have been using them for a month now and their skin is the best it’s ever been. We carried on after our trial, I pay £3.85 for 24 capsules every 33 days I think. (Smol work it out for you based on how often you tell them you do washing.)

They smell really lovely and I have been using one capsule per wash even with a toddler who is potty training herself and doesn’t always know when she needs to poo. Sorry for the TMI but basically I’m saying that they are awesome.

I love that I don’t have to worry about running out as they send them when you need them. You can alter your subscription as and when you want or need to.

Overall I really recommend them (even if you just the trial for £1) especially if you or someone in your family is prone to eczema.

If you have a favourite washing product for sensitive skin I’d love to hear about it.


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