Been a busy day

Ok so we spent all day yesterday at the football and I completely fell off the slimming world wagon. We had too much beer, McDonalds, a pie and then topped it all off with a Chinese so I’m not even gonna attempt to work out the syns and just start today fresh..
I had a donut for breakfast…. Oh dear god I am rubbish.

However since then I had a cheese sandwich for lunch hex a and b.

Currently cooking jacket spuds for dinner. Will top with beans so all free.
Also today we finished the wood burner. Started off like this


I was inside pulling the liner down and ended up covered in soot and had black bogies…. Horrid.


Now it’s like this, it’s so lovely. The dogs love it, especially daisy


I have also made special bread for Ben coz its his birthday tomoro. He requested cheesey but I made top much so I let him shape one loaf whole I did the other… I’ll let u guys work out who did which….


Anywho our dinner is ready so will post photos of the birthday boy and his pressies tomoro x


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