The final day of being a twenty something..

I have just woken up on my last day of being twenty nine. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I thought I would be panicking or crying but I feel fine. I think I have realised that no matter what age I am I don’t think I will ever be a proper grown up (like my mum), I have decided to just be a partial one. Like a yin yang grown up. I have listed some reasons why this is true…..

* I still laugh when Ben farts and pretends it was one of the dogs. Even if the dogs are not there. (not grown up)
* I won’t let him put the heating on coz it’s so expensive, instead I make him light a fire and put a jumper on (grown up like mum)
* I flatly refuse to give up wearing my hot pants the have the smallest gusset (grown up word) with my snazzy leggings (not grown up)
* I cried so much I was sick the other day because the freezer had defrosted and all my carefully chopped veg and soup have to be thrown away (grown up)
* I think it’s hilarious when old people or very small kids swear (not grown up)
* I have never gone to bed with my make up on (very grown up)
* I still believe that if I drink 7 different kinds of alcohol I’m sure I won’t get a hangover (I always do have one)
* I’m very good at making sure we have the best deal for all of our insurances.
* I love swearing (sorry mum)
* I have finally decided I am OK with having a crap dad but it doesn’t matter coz I have the world’s best mummy and grannifred (u can’t have them they r mine)
* I love one direction, Taylor Swift, the vampire diaries and a few more cheesey teen things that I will never give up (maybe I’m actually gonna be 13??)
* I treat my dogs better than some people treat their children
* I have never changed a nappy despite the fact that a lot of my best friends have multiple children (high 5 me)
* I love a charity shop bargain (grown up like mum)
* most of my clothes are covered in skulls
* I tell Ben off all the time for leaving crumbs everywhere.
* I still laugh uncontrollably at the stupidest things, sometimes to the point where I cry and snot every where.
* I cannot do anything until I have had at least one mug of tea. Tea makes me happy not tequila like the song leads to believe.

All in all I think I will be an OK half grown up. Ben is about a third grown up so together we r nearly a proper one.

Ben had just informed me that nibbler (the dog) is the most grown up in our house so seconds thoughts…. Maybe we r fucked hehe.

Smell u later xx


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