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Top 10 Best Christmas Films

Last year during December me and Ben watched one film every night, we didn’t watch Christmas movies exclusively, it actually ended up being Mark Wahlberg month without us meaning it to It was a good time. This list isn’t Mark Wahlberg films, i’ll do another post on that topic.



I do know however that people like to watch Christmas movies on the run up to the big day so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of listing my favourite ever Christmas films. I won’t be giving spoilers for any films, just fyi.


The first one in the list is my all time favourite,the others are in no special order I just really like them.


I will be starting this post with a film that divides opinions widely. The top of my list of the best Christmas films is Die Hard.

This is the film that made me fall in love with Bruce Willis, and action films. If you haven’t seen the film, firstly, get in the sea, secondly, go and watch it now before you even read the rest of this post.

Ok, now you’ve watched it you will see that it is set at Christmas time, John McClane, New York Police Officer is estranged from his wife Holly (he still loves her) and goes to visit her and his family on Christmas eve. He goes to Holly’s work party which is then taken over by terrorists. Cue some epic fights, amazing lines and Bruce Willis looking generally gorgeous.


Next up on my list is Elf. Now if you don’t like Elf then the only thing I can say to you is that you are cotton headed ninny muggins. This is an all-rounder, its hilarious and sweet and fun for all the family. I will be getting my kids to watch it this year as I think they are old enough to sit through a film. (they are 3 and 4 )


Elf is about Buddy, Buddy the Elf, he lives in the North Pole with Santa and the other elves, buddy isn’t like the other elves though and the film follows him through his journey to find his family. If this film doesn’t make you laugh then you may well be dead inside, I’m sorry to tell you.


Third on my list is Home Alone, now this is another one that people say isn’t a Christmas film but it definitely is. Its set at Christmas, Santa is in it, there’s presents and a mischievous child who has been accidentally left alone by his family (still not sure how that actually happened).  Kevin (Culkin) is left, Home Alone at Christmas, burglars try to rob his home, he’s having none of it. Basically he fucks shit up and its hilarious. Another good one for families to watch together, I remember watching this when it came out when I was 7 and thinking how amazing I would be getting burglars if they ever tried to break into my house. In hindsight I would actually have just cried and called the police.


The Nightmare Before Christmas is up now, Tim Burtons 1993 film brings Halloween and Christmas together in the most perfect spooky happy way, this film is what you need on a wintry afternoon, snuggled under a blanket drinking hot chocolate and a mountain of crisps (yes a mountain). This is another film I think I will try to see if the girls like this year, I fear they may be a little bit small still and maybe get a little scared of the characters, but we will see. The story is about Jack Skellington, The King of Halloween, he discovers Christmastown and kidnaps santa. 

The animation is amazing but as you can see the faces might still scare smaller children.

The Santa Clause is next, Tim Allen plays a businessman who accidentally kills Santa so has to take over the job and must save Christmas, I remember watching this as a child and loving it so much, I havent watched it in years but will be downloading it today and rewatching.


Another animation now, Arthur Christmas, we only discovered this one about a year ago, me and ben were a bit hungover from a very rare night out (judge all you want, it happens twice a year)  and needed the girls to just sit quietly for a little while so we put this on for them. However within a couple of minutes we both realised it was amazing and sat and watched it while the girls played puzzles. The plot of the film is Arthur Christmas is Santa’s youngest son and has to save the day when one child is missed when Santa delivers all the presents. It’s a race against time to make sure the present is delivered on time. A feel good film with great characters.

I feel like you cannot do a Christmas films list without including Gremlins. I was terrified of this film as a child but love it now. The basic plot is a father is looking for a special gift for his son for Christmas, he stumbles upon a shop in Chinatown and buys a ‘mogwai’. He ignores instructions to not show it bright light, get it wet or feed after midnight and chaos ensues, a small army of Gremlins trash the house on Christmas eve. I have a tee-shirt with Gizmo on it and its one of my favourite tops ever, it’s nearly 15 years old and is a little worse for wear but i still rock it.

I can’t do a movie list without including something with Arnie in it so my Christmas fave of his is Jingle All The Way, if you go into this film expecting oscar worthy acting you will be disappointed but if you watch it with an open mind and want some silly christmas fun you will love it. A father wants to get his son the must have toy of the year but they are sold out so the film follows his ridiculous journey attempting to nab the last one.


Another one where you are not gonna get the best acting but you will get all the Christmas silliness you heart desires is Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thorton and Tony Cox are criminals who get together every year to pose as Santa in malls and con people. This year is a bit different as unlikely friend makes them change their ways.

Jim Carrey is the lead in my next choice, How The Grinch Stole Christmas , my girls were given the Grinch book last year and love it so much so I will be showing them this film for sure this year. Now everyone knows the story of the Grinch, hes miserable and he wants everyone else to be miserable and wants to ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville. Jim Carrey was such a great choice for the lead as his way of acting and facial expressions capture what I imagine a real life Grinch would be like perfectly.

I haven’t seen the 2018 Grinch yet but will be downloading once its finished being in the cinema as I think the girls will prefer animation to real life grinchyness.

My last choice isn’t strictly a Christmas film, it’s just one that I always find myself watching around that time of year, it stars two of my favourite actors,  Sandra Bollock (yes i know is Bullock) and Bill Pullman. While You Were Sleeping tells the tale of Lucy, a single ticket conductor living in Chicago. One day she witnesses a man (her secret crush) being pushed onto the tracks, she saves his life and when he wakes he has amnesia. His family assumes she is his fiance after a nurse overhears something she shouldn’t. The story follows the aftermath. It is a wonderful feel good film and it happens to have Christmas in it which is why I’m including it.

I hope you like my list of Christmas films, let me know in the comments which you have seen and which you haven’t, tell me your all time fave xmas film.


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