What my 3 year old wants for Christmas

You may or may not know that I have 2 daughters. They have just turned 3 and 4. This post is about the 3-year-old, her nickname is Fishy.

Now this is an actual conversation I am having with her, typed as she speaks.

Me – What do you want for Christmas Little Fish?

Fish – um a doll house like my sister (granny nana is on this) 

Me – Ok anything else?

Fish – uh huh, a pretend dinosaur and a big t rex and a little t rex toy. a pump up dinosaur. (she already has these things)


Ok you get the idea. As parents we all know that as soon as Halloween has happened the TV people shove as many toy adverts as they can between shows so the impressionable little munchkins can see all the ridiculous plastic crap that they don’t need/we can’t afford.

This has started in our house now and every time there is an advert I hear ‘ I want one of those mum’ from both the girls.


Now this year the girls have actually already had their main Christmas present. The got a bearded dragon, this is something that they have been wanting for around 8 months. We researched and waited until we moved house before we started looking for one however we went to an aquarium/reptile shop on Fishys 3rd birthday at her request and we found a 2-year-old male dragon, it seemed like fate and we collected him a few weeks later. The girls have named him Gecko, so he will have identity issues I’m sure. Heres a few pics of Gecko and a link to my video when we got him, for those who are interested. We got a bearded dragon vlog.


Gecko was cheap, he was £35, however his enclosure and all the stuff he needs was not so this Christmas the girls will be getting stockings from us and that’s about it. I will do a post on what they actually get for Christmas nearer the day but for now we will go with what she wants.

First on the list of things she will not be getting is a Hatchimal Mystery Animal, these seem to be a large egg with a surprise animal inside for them to love, for £49!! Now although both girls love the idea of a surprise toy it generally doesn’t always work out well, there is usually a disappointment in what they got, or they only want the one that the other one has. If you would like to buy one of them you can do so here – hatchimal hell


The next item she has asked for is one that I would definitely get for her, had she not already had her main present. I will be mentioning this to grandparents if they ask what she wants.

It’s the Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck Playset, this is another one that costs £50 ish . I do think it is expensive but they girls already have the Paw Patroller from last Christmas and they love it so much, along with various other PP toys. It looks pretty snazzy, it makes noise, has moveable parts and you can fit other paw patrol toys on it too which is nice that they are interchangeable. Fingers crossed the grandparents come through with this one else shes gonna be a sad Fish on Christmas morning. If you want to have a look you can do so here.


Our next offender is something that she saw this morning and it was met by a giant scream of ‘muuuuuuuummmmmm i neeeeeedddd one of those’ her sister also she needs one too, it’s not happening, no chance.

Now I think we have been lucky in that the girls had never experience LOL dolls until recently, and it was me who got them for them. For their respective birthdays I picked up two little balls for £5.99 each. As the girls opened them I realised that i was an idiot and had just wasted £12! What an actual ripoff. So when I saw this morning that they wanted, no, needed a LOL Surprise I just laughed at them. Again, it’s another surprise which is not happening until they are older and fully understand that they may not get the one they want, they could in fact get a duplicate and they can’t just steal their sisters one. I will say the one they ‘need’ does look like it actually makes sounds and looks quite cute but I still don’t think its worth £25. If you feel it is then here’s a link for you nope.


My final item is a unicorn, not just any unicorn, one that sings. Fuck no. When the girls were tiny their Nana got them a teddy that sang and said I love you and it freaked me out so much. This unicorn does look smart, you can do digital makeup, you can dance with it and like I said, it sings. However, here is a link to a video for it (my ears bled) as soon as the singing started I knew it was not something we will be allowing in this house. Apparently it has won awards for being a great interactive toy which is amazing but no. Hell no. singing unicorn from hell.

So that concludes what my 3-year-old wants for Christmas. Keep you eyes out for a post about what she is actually getting in her stocking, and let me know what you kids have requested. Thanks for reading x




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