foot mask?

So i was browsing Amazon this week as you do when you feel all shit and run down when i saw something that caught my eye. An exfoliating foot mask.


I clicked.


its by a brand called Grace & Stella who i have never heard of but it looked pretty cool. And by pretty cool i mean weird and gross. In a good way. Heres a little info off the back of the box

Step 4 the dead skin cells will begin to peel from 5-7 days after the initial application.

Step 5. dead skin cells could continue to peel naturally for up to 2 weeks.


EEEEEWWWWWWW but also ooooohhhhhhh.


So long story short, i got them, the arrived the next day and ive just put them on my feet. today is the 3rd October. I will update this post with pics and info over the next 2 weeks .



For now ill tell you about the initial application, if you don’t like feet then please close this post now coz you wont like whats coming.

So i started off with clean dry feet as it tells me to. Ben was doing bedtime so i knew i could sit for an hour and wait (the development time). I opened the box and inside was a silver sealed packet, i ripped that open with my teeth. (use scissors) and inside was 2 plastic booties, they were sealed shut so i had to find scissors and snip them open, i popped one foot in and it felt cold as fuck and smelled super chemically. Also inside the box was some little strips of tape to sellotape your feet into their chemical prisons, once on you are advised to put a pair of socks on too just to doubly make sure no liquid leaks out and burns a hole through your floor.


then you have to sit for one hour.

while they were on it felt squishy and cool, not unpleasant but a bit odd, like when you accidentally step in a puddle and water gets in your shoes. the smell was still super strong and i ended up lighting a candle to hide it. After an hour you are instructed to remove the booties and wash your feet with soap. as the girls were already asleep i couldnt use the shower so had to awkwardly put my feet one at a time in the sink and wash them.


its now been about an hour since i washed my feet and i will say they feel smooth as fuck. i will update when the peeling starts




The day after :


so the morning after i did the foot peel my feet felt super soft and lovely.

day 2 : same as above

day 3 : slight peeling on side of foot

day 4 :dramatic peeling all over my feet, i actually forgot about checking but i removed a shoe in the car to get a stone out of my boot and was shocked by how much peelage there was. on my right foot it is mainly around my toes but on the left it is largely around the sole near the toes, ive inserted gross pictures for you.

day 5: more dramatic peeling, today there was a weird pocket of skin on the sole of my foot where it was peeling round the edges. Aria is terrified of my feet and wont come near me so i am having to wear slippers in the house.

day 6 – worst day yet, between my toes is very annoying and peeling in little sections that flap about, the areas that have fully peeled on my soles are soooo smooth it is insane, my best friend requested pics today, she was amazed and grossed out.

day 8 – missed a days update. today is minging, they look horrible and the edges are feeling crispy where the skin is drying, it is so difficult not to pick at it. Aria is still terrified and walks about saying dont like mummys feet take them off.

day 9-14 lots of the big chunks of skin have fallen off now and i assumed it was coming to an end. i was wrong.

day 15-18 the tops of my feet have now started to peel, the temptation to moisturise them is immense.

day 19. between my toes is peeling in teeny tiny little shreds and i cannot help but pick them off, it is so gross but so satisfying. i was not expecting the peeling to go on for this long to be honest , i’m glad i did it when i did as i have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and would have been horrified if i had these mutant feet while wearing open toed shoes. so you have been warned. i’d leave 6 weeks between doing this and planning a night out in pretty shoes!!! aria is still scared of my feet .

day 24 – peeling is now looking like sunburn peel, non offensive and from a distance just looks like dry skin


day 27 – peeling is finished, my feet feel like baby feet, they are so soft and smooth and i am thoroughly impressed with this mask!! word of warning do not do this if you have an event where u will need to wear open toed shoes, give yourself a month!!!!! But it is totally worth it.


sorry for all the gross pics 🙂




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