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16/100 – my favourite female youtubers

First things first, I watch a lot of YouTube. I fell in love with it around 5 years ago and then 18 months ago started my own channel and have just fallen more in love every day. So I wanted to share some love and tell you some of my favourite YouTubers. I have a lot so I am going to start with the girls. Some are super mega famous, some you might not know of and some I am happy to now call my friends.

  • Jenna Marbles – this is who I first watched on YouTube. I instantly related to her because she is loud and sweary and fucking hilarious, much like myself 🙂 She doesn’t give a fuck what people think and makes content that makes her happy which is what I aim to have on my channel. If I ever need cheering up, I go and watch her older videos, which are so funny I always smile, here’s one for your viewing pleasure – here.
  • Lilly Singh – I only discovered this wonderous beauty about a year ago but I am obsessed.  She is so sweet and funny, she is like Jenna marbles but non sweary, she does vlogs and bits and music, one of my favourites is this one  she also has a vlog channel which is really funny how she pretends to be her parents. You need to watch it to understand but trust me, shes amaze. Plus she is a super bawse, she even wrote a book, which I have and love, if you want to check it out you can do so right here.
  • Lightning Lass – now this beautiful Scottish ladyface is someone who I found last year, just as I was starting my channel, this beauty was starting hers too. We have chatted over the last 18 months and become good friends, she is kind and lovely, she does awesome unboxing videos, makeup tutorials and vlogs. She also has a second channel for her weight-loss with Slimming World, she is doing so amazing, anyone following sw needs to check her out right now!!
  • Emzotic – This is an animal channel, Em is so knowledgable and gets so much information across in her videos but in a super interesting way. She was the first animal channel I watched and she is by far my favourite. She is from the UK but has recently moved to the states, if you like animals then I definitely recommend seeing her videos.
  • Diary Of A 40 Something – this fiery redhead is another beautiful lady who is now a good friend. She is a welsh bombshell who unboxes, does travel vlogs, reviews and does amazing, in-depth easy to follow makeup tutorials. There is nothing not to like about Claire so I think you should all go and see how brilliant she is https://youtu.be/G3XIcvflw7M
  • Glam and Gore – Now this is a makeup channel with a difference. Mykie does regular makeup but she also does kick arse special FX makeup. I love special fx makeup and aspire to one day be good at it, Mykie is the one who shows me how. It also helps that she is super hot (woman crush alert) and very funny. Heres a video of her attempting special fx makeup on a budget, enjoy.
  • Safiya Nygaard – Safiya is someone I feel that if I met in real life that we would be best mates, she seems so genuine and fun that you really can’t help but like her. She does challenge videos with makeup, fashion and food. Fun for all the family – hello friends.
  • Grav3yard Girl – Bunny is a little strange, she has an amazing heart and I love her, a lot. To understand Bunny, you need to watch Bunny, – enjoy.

There are many more channels that I watch but these are my fave faves. Others I love to watch include, Tati, eleventh gorgeous, laura lee, charmed wench, willow biggs, lady mawa, the list goes on.


Let me know you faves and give me recommendations for who to watch next. The boy list will be coming soon.



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